Wealth and Intention

In Hindu tradition, the yajña – the sacred action you do to manifest the highest states, whether in wealth or health or to have a child; anything you want to manifest, you can manifest through yajña. That sacred action – kriyā, is considered to be the male – Yajñapuruṣa. And dāna given, wealth given with yajña; that wealth, dāna is considered female – Strī. When this male and female joined together, the phala, result – child is born. So, the sacred kriyā and the dāna allotted, both are married together. This always stayed together. The intention and the wealth dedicated to it, both are married. The economical chastity is too important for the result, phala – child to be born. Listen. This is one of the most important economic principle of Kailasa. Intention is married to the wealth forever! 

Satya Saṅkalpa is the potency of Yajñapuruṣa. Understand. Your whole life is yajña. Your Satya Saṅkalpa matters. The time you spend in planet earth is dāna you give. Your body is the greatest weapon you carry. The time you spend in moving your body, using your body, is the dāna you do. Your time, your treasure, your talent: all these … can manifest something extraordinary which you never even imagine, if conscious intention is added, and if you cognize the possibility and powers of conscious intention!

The money given to buy ginger, don’t use it for dry ginger.

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