Economic Chastity of KAILASA

That economic chastity evolves from this principle: the sacred action, basically sacred intention. Intention of the yajña: … listen, if a yajña is a Puruṣa, Yajñapuruṣa; if the yajña is considered as Yajñapuruṣa – saṅkalpa, intention is the potency of Yajñapuruṣa. So the potency of Yajñapuruṣa – intention, and the dāna given for that yajña, both are married. The chastity, exclusivity and chastity between these two is important for the result, phala – child to be born. Phala, result is the child which is to be born between the Yajñapuruṣa and dāna, Strī. Dāna is considered as Ājñā, Strī. Yajña is considered as the Puruṣa. Saṅkalpa of the yajña, Satya Saṅkalpa of the yajña is the potency of Puruṣa. Only if there is a chastity between the dāna given and the intention – the phala, child is born, result is manifested. This is one of the most important economic principle of KAILASA. 

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