Life is Intelligent, Compassionate and Loves You

See, you see a knife in the hands of a thief, robber, who is standing next to you; and you see a knife in the hands of your mother.  Both are knives.  But how do you respond to both knives? 

Mother playfully puts the knife near the neck of a child and says, ‘Are you not afraid?’

The child says, ‘No!’

‘Are you not afraid of the knife?’ 

‘No, I am not afraid of the knife, because it is in YOUR hand!  It is in my mother’s hand!’

Life’s knife is in the hands of Pure Consciousness which is intelligent, compassionate and loves you.  It is not in the hands of a robber.  Other than the idea you have that you are violated, you can NEVER be violated.  You can NEVER be violated!  You can go on trying to convince everyone that you are getting violated.  In that process, because you repeat it so many times, you make everyone believe, and you also start believing you are violated!

Non-stealing, non-demanding, brings you freedom. Realizing you don’t need to brings you the ultimate freedom.  

All your secret strategies for coveting only brings SDHD – Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial – in you.  So, drop all the plans you have secretly for coveting, and understand honestly, sincerely, you don’t need to covet, and you can live your life by going on enriching. Enriching can be an amazing, powerful, ultimately secured and showering lifestyle.  Coming to this conclusion is “Completion”.  Coming to this cognition that enriching will be an amazing, powerful, secure, showering lifestyle, is “Completion”.  The day you come to the conclusion consciously – “Enriching is the amazing, ultimate, secure, showering lifestyle” – you come to Completion, and all the fears disappear! 

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