Key Benefits of KAILASA’s Economic System

Free Education

An important core principle of KAILASA’s economy (as specified by Parmashiva in the Agamas) is that anything that increases in value by being shared should be freely available to all e.g. education, open-source software. That way the growth of the individual and the growth of the society is directly aligned. 

This translates into the idea that “Knowledge is Free”. The government of KAILASA will take up full responsibility for everyone’s education (not just children). The Agamas say that fees paid for education comes from gratitude, a very important concept that “pays it forward” in the society. Those who gain from education give from the space of gratitude. Gratitude is an important aspect of KAILASA’s economy. In fact, today those who give with gratitude for what they have gained are truly kings of the modern world, as they have taken on the role of monarchs of ancient times.

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