Enriching & Charity (“Dhaana”)

The KAILASASM economy is built to reward the ability to intelligently enrich the society in some form and inspire humanity to contribute back to you, so you can continue to enrich – that is “wealth”. His Divine Holiness defines wealth based on its ability to circulate and create more wealth. KAILASA will encourage “Lakshmi’s wealth” (money which circulates) vs “Kubera’s wealth” (money that is static).

Charity was an important part of wealth: Rigved (X.117.4) says: “na sakhaa yo na dadaati sakhye sachaa bhuve sachamaanaaya pitvah” (A person is no friend if he does not help the needy; but one who helps is a real friend). In fact, a businessman was not considered successful in Hindu economics unless they shared their profit through charity.

The Taittreya Upanishad (1.11.13) says: Shraddayaa deyam. Shriyaa deyam. Hriyaa deyam. Bhiyaa deyam. Samvida deyam. (Give with commitment. Give generously. Give with humility. Give with respect. Give with understanding.). Swami Vivekananda made the quote from the Upanishads “Atmano mokshartam jagat hitayacha” (personal enlightenment comes from enriching the world) the motto of Sri Ramakrishna Mission. 

The Bank of KAILASA will be structured to incentivize businesses that follow the practice of enriching the world and giving back to the society. Ancient Hindu practice was to give a percentage of income back to charity. KAILASA will actively encourage such a practice.

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