Holistic Healthcare & Food

Paramashiva says in the Agamas that anything required for day to day living and lifestyle should be created in a self-sufficient way in a healthy economy. In KAILASASM this applies to  healthcare, clothing and food. Self-sufficient economies do not outsource their basic needs. But in the modern consumption-based economy, outsourcing things like food has led to creation of dependence of the society on food-like products, which leads to poor health. Traditional Hindu economy had two layers – sangha nidhi (wealth from the ocean) and paduma nidhi (wealth from the ground). Ground based wealth can be metal or grain. 

KAILASA’s economy will focus on gold and grain. Grain will be an important part of the economy and can be traded for just like money. Modern society has created an imbalance in two ways – rampant consumerism has replaced food with food-like products, which has led to devaluation of grains and also plunging health. By elevating grain to the level of importance of gold, KAILASA will automatically create self-sustaining ecosystems where health is of highest priority.

Modern medicine focuses on sickness and cure – doctors are rewarded when they cure sick people, so they do not have immense incentive to keep people healthy in the first place. KAILASA’s economy will focus on holistic health and preventative care while being in harmony with nature. Modern medicine treats diseases as isolated bio-mechanical systems, without considering the human being. KAILASA’s health care will consider people as conscious beings which treat them holistically. This is a very important part of the “people-based” economy.

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