Illusory Wealth vs Real Wealth

In the world, there are two types of weath – the ‘illusory wealth’ and ‘real wealth’. Hinduism describes ‘Shankha Nidhi’ and ‘Padma Nidhi’. Padma Nidhi means the ‘Lotus Wealth’; it is illusory. Shankha – ‘Conch’ – real wealth’. 

There are some things – ‘real wealth’ – your house, your clothes, your jewellery. This is real wealth. There is an illusory wealth, created for the sake of exchange purpose – currency, the value of currency. 

‘Pseudo-wealth’ means Share Trading, Currency Trading, currency-related businesses, keeping the value of the currency high or low, all the businesses related to that. Only in that business you need this pattern of competing and conquering to be a successful person. 

The economy should be thought, planned based on ‘ShankhaNidhi’, means real wealth. If we work on the real wealth, the whole world will have everything we need. After all, we have only seven billion people. Easily we can feed them, clothe them, house them, give them medical care. We can put more energy and resources into doing research about extending the lifespan. The real-wealth based economies will never collapse. It is the pseudo-wealth based economies collapse.

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