Economic Strategy of KAILASA

Economic strategy of Kailasa – economic chastity: a money allotted to a temple should be used only for temple; cannot be used for any other purposes or any other secular activities or any other religious activity. Listen. If a money is allotted to temple – that money cannot be taken and used for … running a monastery. No. If a money is allotted, that means the donor intends this dāna for a monastery, you can’t use that money for running a temple. If the dāna is intended for conducting certain celebrations, utsavas, rituals, in temple – it cannot be used for any other utsavas, rituals, or any other unintended purposes. Intention and dāna is married eternally in Hinduism. 

So all Hindu wealth should be handled only with the Hindu economy policies; not with secular or any other religious, other religions’ economy policies. The secular economic policies has no right to enter into Hindu wealth, or the handling of the Hindu wealth!        

Wealth intended for certain purpose should be used only for that purpose. 

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