Implementation of Kailasa’s Economy

The whole government, governance of Kailasa has to run within less than one percent of the whole economy, the whole GDP of Kailasa. Only then the Sannyāsīs will retain their brahminical … lifestyle. Understand, in Kailasa – varṇa: Brāhmaṇa, Kṣatriya, Vaiśya, Śūdra, does not come by birth – jāti. No! It comes by the quality of your lifestyle. Base on how you exist, how you choose to exist – base on that, you are given the title whether you are a Brāhmaṇa or Vaiśya or Kṣatriya or Śūdra; not by birth, but by quality. And, the Sannyāsīs who are administering for the Governors, who are Directors of the Reserve Bank of Kailasa, or Federal Reserve of Kailasa, is expected to have absolute Aparigraha and Asteya lifestyle; living with minimal things, the minimalist, minimalistic lifestyle and non-stealing lifestyle.

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