Investments and Innovation

In fact, the key insight here is that the fiat-currency model has been exported to both education and healthcare in this world leading to exploitative economies. In Paramashiva’s economy, currency only comes into play for projects that require the coordination of people and resources for long-term investments. But this currency should be based on contribution – trading time and energy to create money and ownership and responsibility should be distributed throughout the system.

Another key principle of KAILASA’s economy is the use of crypto-currency model that does away with the shortcomings of a fiat model where money is based on debt, flows in a layered fashion, leading to incomplete knowledge and exploitation of common citizens. Using a crypto-currency will promote a world wide economy, which can actively encourage businesses around the world who believe and operate on Hindu economic principles to not only participate in the KAILASA economy but also thrive and benefit from it. 

As a result, KAILASA’s economic policy should encourage enormous investments in long-term projects, spur unlimited innovation in technology, arts, medicine, manufacturing, farming and other areas, much like it did in the past, creating innovators like Baudhayana (mathematics), Aryabhatta (astronomy), Brahmagupta (mathematics), Varahamihira (hydrology, geology), Nagarjuna (chemistry), Susruta (surgery) and others.

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