Non-violent and Non-Exploitative

Since flowing with consciousness or cosmic law (dharma) is an integral to KAILASA’s economy, non-violence and non-exploitativeness are core principles. This creates for the first time, an economy where the various identities of a person – their individual, corporate, national or global identities – are not in conflict with each other. 

Ahimsa (non-violence), Asteya (non-stealing), Aparigragha (living with minimal needs) and Satya (living with the truth) have always been vows taken by sanyaasis. KAILASA will hence be a non-violent economy where exploitative industries like drugs or alcohol will not be allowed. Hinduism has always believed in a non-exploitative labor philosophy – workers are not given “wages” but are invested in the outcome. Equitable distribution of wealth based on the value of their skill and input gives them ownership of both the upside and the downside.

Second is the idea of “nonviolent money” where value is created purely based on businesses that enrich people (eliminating any business or economic practice that thrives on fear, greed and exploitation, such as insurance).

These principles also dictate that KAILASA’s economy will emphasize harmony with nature, with animals enjoying certain rights. Companies in KAILASA will be legally required to ensure that their practices are in alignment with nature, and protect the environment for the future.

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