KAILASA – The Revival of Hindu Economic Policies

Aug 20, 2020

Excerpts from Nithya Satsang delivered on 19 August, 2020 by Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

Everything is ready for launching the Reserve Bank of KAILASA and Federal Reserve of KAILASA and the 8 units associated to Reserve Bank of KAILASA. With the grace of Ganapati and Paramashiva, the Reserve Bank of KAILASA is already international news, not just regional or national!

Let me introduce KAILASA in few words: Hinduism had 56 nations – Pandya, Chola, Kannada, Telanga, Gurjara, Surangi, Kashi, Gandhara, Nepala, Cambodia – Kamboja, Sri Lanka – Lankapuri… 56 nations called Akhanda Bharat from present day Afghanistan – Gandhara – from where Gandhari and Sakuni came, to this side Nepala from where mother Sita came. All the currencies we used in the 56 Hindu nations and all the economic policies and strategies we used in those 56 nations, the internal economic policies and economic policies for external trade, I am trying to revive and make them as a legitimate functional system. As I said many times, Hinduism needs revivors not reformers. I am not reformer, I am revivor.

So this 56 Hindu nations, whatever currencies and policies and strategies we had, last two years we worked and studied more than 100 books. 8 sanyasis helped me to study, collect and organise. With this we have evolved the policies and currencies. I have a beautiful map of akhanda bharat – all the 56 Hindu nations. You can see historically we had all these 56 nations as Hindu nations.

In Hinduism, gold is not only valuable, it is sacred. Gold is given a religious sacred status in Hinduism. So, all KAILASA currencies will be printed only in pure gold. One tola is one kaasu. In sanskrit, the KAILASA currency will be called as swarna mudra or swarna pushpa. In english it will be called Kailashian dollar. In tamil – porkaasu. 1 tola gold in modern day measurement will be almost 11.6638038 gms grams. I tola gold will be called as 1 kailashian dollar. By its own weight and possession, it will have value. We have kaal kasu, ara kaasu, 1 porkaasu, 2 kaasu, 3 kaasu, 4 kaasu, 5 kaasu, 10 kaasu…Those are the units in which the coins are ready. All the printing, minting everything is done. On vinayaka chaturthi day I will be introducing it. The compilation of the policies will also be done. It will all be released.

I am trying to revive and make the Hindu coins, currencies, economic system as legitimate and functional. Hindu needs revivors, not reformers. I want everything to be revived as it was. Thanks to my team which worked tirelessly and sincerely past two years researching. How coins looked in keeladi, in chola kingdom, in surangi kingdom, in indus civilization, in ganges civilization..Thanks to all the researchers and archaeologists who uploaded all that in the internet or published as books. We have tried to make them as close as possible to what we have collected.

On ganesha Chaturthi, with the grace of Ganapati, Paramashiva, Venkateshwara Swami, Swarnakarshana Bhairava, it will be a ritualistic inauguration. Making it functional may happen very soon. I have lots of books which we referred, which comes to more than 100 books, 360 articles, and researcher papers from the internet and other sources. We made a document, acknowledging, thanking everyone. The exact, as close as possible to those coin models, to those formats we tried to revive. So I thank everyone who supported me intellectually, and who shared time, treasure, talent. Also Hinduism considers grain as one of the wealth, so grains will be used for barter system.

The economic policies of KAILASA, Reserve Bank will be following vedas and agamas. For example: a vaideeha or shivacharya or bhattacharya or deekshai who is a practising Brahmana by the lifestyle not just by birth but by varna, those brahmins do all the sandhya vandana, shiva puja, paramartha puja, atmaartha puja and they they get punya which is the cosmic currency with which they can go to any loka and live. They also get currency like swarna mudra, kailashian dollar to run their day-to-day life. KAILASA is going to follow the same economic principles. Practising varna based Brahmanas can encash the lifestyle, spiritual and religious practices and teachings. Not only they get punya – cosmic currency, they get country’s currency also!

KAILASA currency will be gold because the vedas give gold status of not just precious but as sacred. Paramashiva is himself described as Hiranya Roopaya and Mahalakshmi as Swarnavarnaam. Hinduism also declares many other things as dana. All those will get legitimate status of wealth. I will read out the names. So for each 1 swarna mudra, 1 por kaasu, 1 kailashian dollar. We made this in 25 designs. Its weight and worth will be the same. Designs we made with what was used in the 56 nations. 2 swarna mudra will have another 20 type. The kaal kaasu will have some 10 types.

Definitions, synonyms for dana in Hindu tradition:

  • Dravyam – material
  • Viththam – currency, goods
  • Svaapatheyam – owned earned property
  • Riktham – inherited property
  • Ruktham – possession
  • Dhanam – money
  • Vasu – land
  • Hiranyam – gold.
  • Dravinam – movable property
  • Dyumnam – power and strength
  • Artha – business concern, work
  • Rai – riches
  • Vibhava – magnanimity, omnipresence, power

The methods through which people can earn currencies are detailedly described. Paramashiva has declared that food has to be completely freely available, so we are going to follow the same procedure. Not only guru should not charge the student, if guru does not have money to feed the students, he has to go and beg and the students have to be given all the things needed besides education. Intention to study is worshipped in Hindu tradition. If a child has the intention to study, he becomes a Brahmachari. From that moment the guru is responsible for giving him food, shelter and everything needed for him. Guru is responsible for providing everything to a Brahmachari for him to study. If guru is not wealthy enough, he is allowed to beg. The disciples may also beg, but the guru is bound to provide. We are going to be following the same policy. So all your survival needs during study period is also free.

My vision is to provide all these services to all the 2 million Hindus all over the world. With the grace of Paramashiva we will be able to do it. In Hindu tradition, doctors are paid based on the village’s income. Whole village gives grain and the doctor ensures the whole village is healthy. Only by you falling sick, the doctor gets money. Then how can you expect he will pray for your health? Policies have to be practical. If policies are impractical and constantly accusing the doctors, it is wrong. Policies should be right. When the doctor knows “my area’s wealth is going to make me more healthy”, he will do research and he will make all effort to make everyone healthy. Then your body is not income source for him, your active life is an important source for him… So in KAILASA we will have same policies.

All the economic policies are up and it runs to more than 300 pages. Here I give an open request: anybody who has knowledge in Hindu economic principles, from shastras or modern application of shastras, in any form, like sending some old books, or sharing your thoughts, suggestions, recommendations. With gratitude we will accept your support. You can send suggestions to this email and we will add this into our economic policies. Only thing, kindly send the proof of evidence that they are from the Hindu religion. We pray to Vedamata to revive Santana Hindu Dharma.

Like how they do the model budget, we need a model Hindu community in some corner of the world, for which we were putting in tremendous efforts. Now, with Ganapati and Paramashiva’s blessings and blessings of all the gods and goddesses of KAILASA, it is happening.

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