KAILASA’s Principle of Economic Chastity

Aug 17, 2020

Excerpts from Nithya Satsang delivered on 17 August, 2020 by Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

Everyone’s intention and the wealth they possess are married to each other. In Hindu tradition, the yajnas, the sacred action you do to manifest the higher states, whether in health or wealth or to have a child, anything you want to manifest, you can manifest through yajna. That action is considered to be the male component – yajna purusha. The wealth, dana, given along with the yajna, is considered the female component. When the male and female join together, when they get married, the intention and wealth donated are married. Then, the economic chastity becomes too important for the “phala” – the child – to be born. This is one of the most important economic principles of KAILASA: “intention is married to the wealth forever.”

The money given for fresh ginger, should not be used for buying dry ginger. That is the economic chastity of KAILASA. That economic chastity evolves from this principle – the sacred intention of the yajna. If the yajna is considered as yajna purusha, the sankalpa is the potency of the yajna purusha – the intention. So the potency – intention and the daana given, both are married. The absolute chastity between these two is important for the phala, child, which is to be born between the yajna purusha and daana sthree, daana kanya.

Money allotted to temple should be used only for temple, it cannot be used for any other purposes or for any other secular or religious activities. If money is allotted to temple, it cannot be taken and used for running a monastery. If the daana is intended for conducting certain celebrations, utsava, rituals, that money cannot be used for anything else.

Secular economic policies has no right to enter and handle Hindu wealth. At least in KAILASA, let us follow this principle of economic chastity: wealth intended for certain purpose should be used only for that purpose.

The satya sankalpa is the potency of the yajna purusha. Your whole life is yajna. Your satya sankalpa matters. The time you spend on planet earth is the daana you give. Your body is the greatest weapon you carry. The time you spend in moving your body, using your body, is the daana you do. Your time, treasure, talent, all these can manifest something extraordinary which you never even imagined. If conscious intention is added and if you cognise the possibility and powers of conscious intention.

I made a clear law in KAILASA. The Reserve Bank of KAILASA and one more unit called Federal Reserve of KAILASA – all this will be run only by the Sanyasis who took the oath in front of the fire in the viraja homa and who live absolute ahimsa – nonviolence, satya – truth, brahmacharya – celibacy, aparigraha – minimalistic living and asteya – non-stealing. These vows will be not just spiritual or social, they will be legal. If they miss in these vows they will not be reserve bank of KAILASA governors any more. The first choice will be kids who joined Gurukul as minors and took sanyas. They will be the first class citizens of KAILASA. They will be called as crown princes and princesses.
The next class will be kids who joined in Gurukul, who grew up, trained and evolved and in between, due to some reason, they missed some of the vows of sanyas but decided to do prayaschitta and came back to integrity. The third class will be adults who joined the sangha, who had the training, took the vows and are successful sanyasis. I am clearly categorising who are going to be the directors of reserve bank of KAILASA, who are authorised to be directors and members of federal reserve of KAILASA and other units like Hindu world trade center, and who all are going to be administering the wealth donated to KAILASA.

The integrity to the intention and the daana should be maintained. In all these policies and processes, in which country we are operating, those laws are the first priority. Without violating those laws, we need to keep the economic chastity and integrity. Based on the intention of the donor the whole structure is getting done. I am giving the Hindu vision. Two companies working for us who have expertise of 100 years. We have taken their services in legally structuring this whole reserve bank of KAILASA and federal reserve of KAILASA and treasury of KAILASA.

The important constituent of any nation is its treasury. The Hindu treasury comes with the Hindu principles of economy, especially its economic chastity. All these principles, I share with these companies whose services we have hired and they are structuring, working with various governments. In some countries a non-profit organization is allowed, in some, for-profit, in some countries, the entity can be partially for-profit and partially non-profit.

I have also made a rule that the government running expenses cannot cross more than one percent of any donation received. It has to run within less than 1% of the whole economy, the whole gdp of KAILASA. Only then the sanyasis will retain their brahminical lifestyle.

In KAILASA, varna – brahmana, kshatriya, vaishya, shudra – does not come by birth, it comes by the quality of your lifestyle. Based on how you choose to exist, you are given the title brahmana, KAILASA, vaishya or shudra. It is given by quality. The sanyasis who are administering, who are the governors of the reserve bank of KAILASA and federal reserve of KAILASA are expected to have aparigraha and asteya lifestyle – minimalistic lifestyle and non-stealing lifestyle. An elaborate 300- page economic policy is being evolved which I will reveal on Ganesh Chaturthi!

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