Fiscal Structure of KAILASA

Aug 15, 2020

Excerpts from Nithya Satsang delivered on 14 August, 2020 by Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

Usually presidents, prime ministers, heads of states, if they want to announce something to the world, there will be a formal press meet. They will announce during the press meet. They will answer the questions and then it will be taken to the world. Here, I did not even make the announcement. I said I will make the announcement on Ganesh Chaturthi about the currency of KAILASA. But it is all over international media! I finished the satsang and sat in Samadhi, attended to my Puja and all my spiritual activities and when I came back, it is flashing all over the world about reserve bank of KAILASA! I only said we are ready to announce and we are going to be announcing. We are ready with all the economic policies. I was planning that, in this 10-day Brahmotsavam I will detail out all the economic policies with Shastra Pramana in both languages. The policies are formed based on Sanskrit scriptures and they are in Sanskrit, translated into English and Tamil. I am still not able to logically understand why this reserve bank of KAILASA became so popular and viral!

Here I have many strategies, principles, policies to share with you all, with the whole world. We have a large number of people interested in Hinduism and KAILASA. We are going to be providing these important services.

Hindu compliance body

Hinduism has the detailed compliant procedures for everything. Like how many countries have their own standards for service providing, like ‘ISI’ mark or agmark, or 3-star hotel, like how some religions have their compliance system, I wanted to revive the Hindu compliance system for the whole world as a free service to the world. We are not going to charge anything. Anybody can ask if their house is Hindu-compliant. We will provide you with the details: this is the way the house should be as per Hinduism. The Kamika Agama gives elaborate details how a village, town, house, city, everything should be, what is called Vaastu Shastra.

Hindu compliance for personal jewelry – the gemology says that if you are born in this Nakshatra and Rashi, these gemstones will be best for your attitude and aptitude to keep yourself maximum available for yourself and for the whole world. This is for all stones like pearl, coral including Rudraksha. Hinduism is such a rich religion, it gives vast choices. It educates and empowers you. It is a non-restrictive, enlightening, empowering set of principles. About jewelry, you will not find a single restricting rule. You will only find empowering principles so that you can enjoy all of it using your own creativity. Same way, Vaastu is not restrictive, it is empowering. Whether to conduct a certain ritual or to conduct your business, or to offer some service, the Hindu compliance has elaborate principes. I am going to make it available.

Last 400 years we are forcibly made to believe that Hinduism is a functional principle only for enlightenment and spirituality and it is absolutely dysfunctional for social, economical, political systems. Making it dysfunctional is the greatest crime done against humanity. I am absolutely against so many brainwashing attacks on Hinduism. Hinduism is manifested by Paramashiva himself with his disciples – the saptarishis. It is revealed by Paramashiva and documented, organised by Saptarishis and Dharmashastras. If you get somebody of that calibre – absolute selfless tyagis and brilliant, and develop some principles and using those principles you want to develop them, I am absolutely ok with it because Hindu Smritis can be changed. The beauty is, the Hindu founding fathers had tremendous trust on the intelligence of the future generation. But unfortunately we are not trying to upgrade, we are trying to invade. Invading the smritis is not upgrading the smritis. Making the Hindu family structure, social structure as dysfunctional structures are the crimes committed against society.

We want to revive the Hindu compliance body. Whether you want to build a temple or build your home, we support you, help you with Hindu law, the Hindu principles. Anti-Hindu forces – the ‘5M’ – just invade and evade. They avoid dealing with or accepting morally, legally required responsibilities but just invade. That is the way Hinduism is being abused and literally raped by the anti-Hindu terrorists and mafia. We are going to make it very transparent. We have started translating the scriptures. For example; what is Hindu compliance for hotel service, vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food, restaurants… We will provide Hindu compliance certification for everything as a free service.

You all know I already launched the 6-OM: Saffron Om, Yellow Om, Green Om the social service bodies. Today I have a few more to share with you all which we are launching formally with the grace of ganapati, Paramashiva, Samrajya Lakshmi:

  • Hindu import and export – Hindu impex services for celebrating and for strengthening and promotion of global import export of Hindu products, Hindu goods, Hindu services that support Hindu principles. Hindu international trade is the exchange of capital across international borders or territories because there is a need or want of Hindu goods, Hindu services or Hindu products. In most countries, such trade represents a significant share of gross domestic product. With this principle, keeping the country’s law as first priority, what I read out will be the vision statement and second priority. I will publish all this with original shastra references, with tamil and english translation and execution orders.
  • Hindu world trade center is an apolitical organization that can be located in any country. It functions as a network for Hindu businesses with access to international trade services and facilities and seeks to simplify and stimulate trade by bringing together governments and industry that serve and carry on trade as per Hindu principles. We have taken the services of auditing, legal services and knowledge service inputs, banking services and structuring these legal bodies all over the world. If somebody wants these services, as per that country’s law, we will work with the legal entities either for profit or nonprofit and with the vision of Hindu principles of KAILASA, those services will be provided. As of now we are launching all of the above as non-profit to help people live Hindu principles. As on now this is the policy.
  • There will also be an organization, Hindu holdings. Hindu holdings is a company that owns the stock of other Hindu companies. A Hindu holding company usually does not produce goods or services itself. Its purpose is to own shares of other Hindu companies to form a Hindu corporate group.

Paramashiva who came as Bhikshatana with the begging bowl, the same Paramashiva sits as Swarnakarshana bhairava and runs the economy of the universe! The disciples who feel: “wow! Swamiji is doing so much,” contribute so much to the world. Some of them who feel, “he is telling so many things, how many he will do….” such disciples don’t do anything. They are frozen. Their laziness and noninvolvement, they project on me. I am 42. See my track record. I may be a little late in delivering what I claimed but never went without delivering. Whether it is the software to make animals speak in sanskrit and tamil or powers of Paramashiva, I never missed delivering the product. Sometimes delay in time happened due to the attack of the anti-Hindu forces. I need to handle them and then contribute my positive contributions.

Unfortunately Hindus are too broken due to last 1000 years of slavery and especially last 200 years of brutal slavery and persecution. They have forgotten that Hinduism is a functional social, economic, legal system. Still Hindus are having confidence that Hinduism is a functional religious system but unfortunately even Hindus are not ready to believe that Hinduism is a functional business system, trade, social system, functional for all your pleasures, joys, comforts. And it is absolutely practical even in modern day, that it is a powerful, beautiful, stable, amazing, functional, legal, economical, social, moral, education, medical system. I am trying to revive each aspect through a ministry. The finance ministry of KAILASA is with the only motive of making the world understand that Hinduism is a functional economic system. As simple as attending to your headache to head transplant surgery, in every level, Hinduism is a functional system. My job is to make people confident about the functionality of Hinduism. We had beautiful functional principles and laws. I will be reviving and revealing all of that for the world.

I am not competing for any country or any religion or hate any religion or country. I have tremendous confidence on Hindu principles based on the inspiration given to me by Paramashiva and my own Gurus – the Guru Parampara. So I want to revive the Hindu principles, not competing with, but complementing the other religions and countries.

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