Wealth, Currency, Economy

You need to put your energy in the direction of wealth, not in the direction of currency. Understand. Currency should be your by-product. Early morning when you wake up, you should know – what is your life out of freedom, joy and live whole day. Because you are breathing, the currency should follow you. That is wealth consciousness. Because you are conscious, wealth should be following you. That is wealth consciousness. Understand. Any hitching towards the wealth, any hitching towards the wealth, is not earning wealth, it is only getting tortured towards currency.

Wealth as per Paramashiva is Your ability to intelligently enrich the society in some form.

Enriching the humanity in some form and doing it very intelligently and inspiring the humanity to contribute back to you, so you can continue to enrich is “wealth”. That is wealth consciousness. That is the strategy for wealth.

Currency is modus operandi. The methodology through which interaction and transactions happen, is currency.

If the wealth consciousness is awakened in multiple people and you make the currency more current, that is called economy.

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