Myth of Charity Debunked

Charity as it is practiced today by most people is the most cunning, trickiest way of keeping the value of currency up. It is only by charity even the idea of currency is going to be kept valuable for a middle class and lower middle class. If you know you are not going to get it, you are not going to work for it. If the carrot is dangled in front of you, that it is going to be available for you, you are going to run behind it. 

Most charities do charity as only then the idea, concept of ‘currency’ is going to be kept alive. If you know something is never going to come in your life, you are not going to run behind it. You are going to be completely frustrated about the currency. When the mass starts getting frustrated about currency, the collective global economic meltdown starts happening. Economic meltdown is nothing but mass getting to the understanding, mass trying to come out of the delusion called “currency”.  

Currency is instrument. Instrument itself is not intelligent. Instrument can only be transactional mechanism. It can used to kindle your fear and greed.But, if that transactional mechanism called currency is unreachable for you, then you are just going to be frustrated and say, “Shutdown, come on, no!” Then what is the use of working? It is no more relevant to you. Anything which can drive your fear and greed only is relevant to your life. If something cannot drive your fear and greed, it is redundant, irrelevant to your life.

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