* Read the important  disclaimers and security instructions. Click here.

Step 1. Install the Metamask Crypto Wallet
  • Install the Metamask crypto wallet for your device (IOS Android) or browser (Chrome) and switch to the Polygon Network by following instructions given here. Polygon offers considerably (10 times or less) lower transaction fees than other networks such as Ethereum main. KSGD is listed only on Polygon for now. You can use your any other crypto wallet too if you are familiar with using it to access custom coins and make purchases.



  • Import the KSGD Token into Metamask as mentioned in the link above.  Copy the KSGD token contract address by clicking on the button below these instructions. Never use addresses sent by others since they can steal money to their own contract. A contract address is sort of like a SWIFT code to a bank. 
Step 2. Buy MATIC with Local Currency
Step 3. Swap for Kailashian Gold Dollars
  • Now connect to your wallet  using the “Connect” button on the top left  of this page and approve the connection on your Metamask wallet.
  • Enter the amount of KSGD you wan to buy and your source token. Coinbrain will fill the amount needed based on the market value of KSGD
  • Swap MATIC or any other Crypto Currency to purchase inflation resistant, gold backed,  secure, divine KSGD currency

KSGD is the fiat currency of the United States of Kailasa and is not security offering. While the Reserve Bank of Kailasa (RBK)  is mandated by its founding principles to maintain the value of of KSGD, the RBK or the United States of Kailas does not provide any guarantees to the purchasers regarding the value of KSGD vis-a-vis other global currencies or commodities and is not liable for its usage or any limitations whatsoever.  RBK has the authority and means to alter the token principles and to regulate the supply of the currency as required by its mandate.


Be aware of scammers. Always only use the token address mentioned on the RBK page. It is easy for scammers to make a Crypto Token that looks like KSGD or any other like USDT or ETH. 

Never share your wallet recovery phrase with anyone. Install the wallet only on devices that you trust. Kailasa will NEVER as you for the recovery phrase under any circumstance.

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