Vedic Definition of Wealth

When Cosmos constantly expands that is Artha – wealth. When your ambitions for expansion, wealth, is in tune with the ambitions of the Cosmos, that is Artha. Your desire to expand in tune with the Cosmic values of expansion is Artha.If you make money by contributing, that is what is Artha. In Sanskrit, word Artha has two meaning – ‘meaning’ and ‘wealth’. If you have an Artha and you make Artha, it is Artha. Means, if you mean something for society and make wealth out of it, it is Artha. If you have a meaning, if you mean something for society, humanity and make wealth out of it, that is Artha. You have both ways, you can make wealth – by creating weapons to kill others and by healing and by treating, giving medical care. You can do for-life things and anti-life things; both bring money.

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