Second Principle of Wealth Consciousness – Ownership Not Possessiveness

The second decision is based on the truth of life – A man who owns, manifests wealth. A man who possesses suffers with stress and depression.

Possessing is exclusiveness. Owning is inclusiveness. Owning and letting everyone enjoy it is real wealth. Whoever you are, be a writer or a speaker or a thinker, own it and make more and more people enjoy it. 

When you own and make more and more people enjoy, you will manifest wealth. If you possess and be with an exclusivity, you will deprive yourself and collapse into poverty. 

Owning but not possessing means go on sharing. Sometimes people, when they take up a job, develop vengeance towards the boss, “You are giving only 50000 USD salary for me, I’ll work only for 8 hours, minimum, just to handle your questions, not more than that.” So this is the way the employee starts. He thinks he is cheating his boss. In 6 months, he himself starts believing this much only is his capacity. He has cheated himself! Cheating your boss, in 6 months, you will believe that as your capacity and you will cheat yourself forever. You making your boss believe this is only your capacity because you want to take revenge on him. You want to possess you, you don’t want to own you. Own you and let everyone enjoy you.

Your attitudes, your understanding, your behavior, everything, if it is all about possessing you, you will only feel deprived. If you own you and let everyone enjoy what you are capable of, you will live in richness. Whether it is you, your capabilities – own it, don’t possess it. Radiating, sharing it, should be your fundamental thought current. That is the second conclusion.

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