Core Characteristics of KAILASA’s Economic Practices

Equality and Equal Opportunity for Everyone 

KAILASASM, the Hindu nation, aims to create the largest worldwide enlightenment ecosystem. As a consequence KAILASA’s goal is to establish a thriving economy based on the principles of Oneness and enlightenment for all. KAILASA’s goal is to legitimately prove that an economy operating on Hindu religious principles can generate wealth without exploitation, and create a political-economic framework that can provide equality and opportunity for everyone irrespective of their gender, color, creed, family origin, or any other differences. KAILASA’s economy would operate on the principle of the varnas which says that everyone has equal opportunity to seek the living of their choosing based on their guna-karma. Thus KAILASA is a contribution based economy, where success depends on “responsibilism” – the amount of responsibility one takes for the world.  

His Divine Holiness has followed the practice of conferring the yagnopavita (the sacred thread that in mainstream practice worn only by Brahmin men) not only to women, but to everyone who is initiated, elevating everyone irrespective of their caste, creed, color, background into a seeker of enlightenment. KAILASA will be solidly established in this principle of equality.

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